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CILT Nashville & USN | Mindful Living Series 2015-2016

Center for Integrative Learning & Teaching

University School of Nashville



CILT & USN believe in the transformative power of mindfulness. Since 2009, they have intentionally built programs that have trained teachers, implemented mindful classrooms and hosted community educational experiences – including mindful parenting classes and educator-focused trainings. This Mindful Living Series is an offering to the Nashville community for those who want to strengthen their personal practice, gain life skills in managing an increasingly challenging culture, and who want to take that work back to the populations they serve.

Please join Mindfulness Facilitators, Mary Agee & Shelly Sowell for this life-deepening practice!


  • Support for personal mindfulness practice

  • Reflection and Integration

  • Connection with like-minded community

  • Motivation & Tools for skillfully dealing with life

  • Cultivation of deeper capacity for self-compassion


Mary Entrekin Agee

Founder of CILT Nashville

Mindfulness Coordinator at USN

Based in Nashville, Mary Agee has a deep personal mindfulness practice and has been on a path of growth, self-awareness and life-long learning for more than twenty years. She is currently working as a mindfulness coordinator at University School of Nashville, as well as offering independent classes and mindfulness consulting. Mary is experienced in a wide range of trainings all based on social and emotional intelligence, with a strong emphasis on mindfulness and brings a full-hearted enthusiasm to sharing what she has learned with others. For more information on Mary and CILT, please visit


Registration & Location

Cost is $25 per participant, per workshop. Registration is required and it will be closed after the first 20 spaces are filled. To register, please go to Community Events/Calendar at Registration will close by the Wednesday prior to each Friday session. On the Monday prior to each session, registration fee will be non-refundable. All programs are held at University School of Nashville. Thank you!

Shelly Sowell, M.Ed., LPCC

Integrative Wellness Counselor

Based in Louisville, KY, Shelly Sowell is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and an Education Consultant, specializing in Mindfulness-Based Life Skills for teens and adults.  She works with individuals, families, schools, & communities to create meaningful, effective and comprehensive mindfulness-based wellness programs.  She has worked as a counselor, educator, consultant and mindfulness-based life skills instructor throughout her career, which began in 2004, and has created wellness practices in Miami, Los Angeles& Louisville.   She is a Founding Partner for CILT Nashville and a faculty member for The Global Human Project in Louisville.  For more information, please visit

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