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         Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this page!  I'm deeply grateful and believe that your words can help move others into their own wellness.  None of the transformative things mentioned would have happened, had it not been for your openness, engagement, courage and willingness to honor your needs and growth.  -Shelly

“Shelly is an amazing combination of deeply intentional learning and authentic intuitive wisdom. And whether facilitating with a large or small group, she consistently offers her authentic voice in ways that allow others to have the experience of discovering and uncovering and validating their own deep wisdom.”

                                      -Mary Agee, Nashville




“I wholeheartedly recommend Shelly Sowell and her Mindful Parenting class.  I believe we all want to be the best parent possible to our children, and Shelly guided me into a thoughtful, caring and loving way to do so.


Shelly has an openness and non-judgmental manner that eases the class into feeling comfortable in sharing our concerns with one another.  Our class had extremely honest dialogues and we always felt safe in the environment which Shelly provided.  She made me realize that I need to be the best me in order to be present for my children.  I was often able to do this through Shelly's self-awareness techniques.


Perhaps my biggest take-away from the Mindful Parenting class was Shelly's instruction of helping to cultivate attention, balance, and compassion.  This not only affects my relationship with my children, but my husband, family, and friends as well.  To learn to be responsive and non-reactive has been invaluable.”

                         -Lisa Taub, Manhattan Beach



"I participated in one of Shelly’s Mindful Parenting groups because as our twin girls turned 12, strategies that we used to use were no longer as effective.  Her calm, thoughtful approach to our group's parenting issues made it a safe place to share our experiences and concerns.  Through Shelly's experience in working with schools and teenagers as well as her experience as a therapist, I was able to gain great insight into raising kids in a digital age while keeping our family’s communication and connectedness strong.  It strengthened our resolve to say “no” as we come to understand how social media and technology impact our kids’ developing brains."                        

                       - Nancy Dimson, San Pedro, CA




"Shelly’s sessions were informative in a real-life way that I have never seen duplicated in any other class, book, or experience. Shelly is absolutely on the pulse of what kids are experiencing, exposed to and feeling in today’s world - which is so different than what I experienced as a child/teenager.


Sometimes it was frightening, but knowledge is power and I realized I had been at a disadvantage trying to fully grasp what my children were going through prior to our meetings. Shelly offered factual information as well as ways to re-create calm and communication when I needed to use these strategies outside her presence. And while she didn’t physically save my life, she happened to be in my life when some extraordinary situations arose  - and gave me the resources to navigate them with far more grace than I would have had at my disposal otherwise. 


In a nutshell, it is simply tapping into the good parts of yourself and knowing how to bring out the same in your children. While there's no real mystery, it is a skill that needs to be taught. So many of us have lost touch with ourselves without even realizing it, and have a harder time connecting with our families as a result. It was like receiving a gift. I was so burned out I didn’t see how I could do even one more thing, yet the class not only gave me skills I could use, I always felt calmer and more positive afterwards. And certainly not alone with my concerns - the community she created for everyone made us feel safe and supported. I will sorely miss having her in my circle on a regular basis, and can only encourage those of you who may feel hesitant to give her practice a try." 

                       -Jonna Jerome, Los Angeles, CA

“Shelly is an incredible therapist and wellness practitioner. She is intelligent, compassionate, insightful and kind. I have had the pleasure of seeing her work in a clinical setting with underprivileged families and in an elite private school.  Shelly excelled in both environments. She is well versed in many forms of therapy and is especially gifted with treating traumatic memories and helping client’s overcome stress by utilizing mindfulness.  I often turn to her for professional guidance.”

                     -Joanna Grover. LCSW, New York





"Having the experience of being in a Mindful Parenting group with Shelly has provided me with a gift that keeps opening! Shelly brings a warmth, understanding and wisdom beyond her years.  She has a way of discussing pertinent, pressing and universal parenting topics without judgement.  She has a way of creating a safe space for parents to listen, talk and share their own experiences and to question, ponder and learn from one another. This group not only provided me with critical bottom line topics to discuss with my husband and two teenage boys, but also provided me with something to look forward to weekly. Shelly provides you with parenting tools as well as the necessary skills to take care of oneself through the journey".

                                -Christina Morse, MA PPS


  Chadwick School, Palos Verdes - California




“I have had the wonderful opportunity to benefit from Shelly's expertise in several ways in my life over the past few years.  Participating in two women's wellness/mindfulness groups gave me an opportunity for personal growth, insight, and healing as well as a chance to learn some valuable everyday skills that not only greatly benefited me but, indirectly, my family and work relationships as well. My teen daughter participated in Shelly's teen mindfulness group where she found the much needed support in a safe environment to share, problem solve, and receive valuable insights, ideas, and skills from Shelly and her peers.


Lastly, I attended a workshop at a local private school led by Shelly for the school community on issues related to raising teens in this modern culture with all its unique social, academic and societal pressures and challenges.  I walked away with a better understanding of what my teen may be experiencing and with practical tools of how to appropriately support and help my teen navigate through this period of her life.


I highly recommend Shelly to any adult, child, teen, business, or school.  The knowledge, skill, insight, compassion, and understanding she brings are unique, impressive, and very helpful. She was excellent at discussing and helping us identify our individual needs and tailoring her services to our unique issue(s) and situation.”

                 -Mother of two fabulous teens,  

                                                   Los Angeles



“I have had the great pleasure of working with Shelly Sowell in many capacities at a very lovely, dynamic, but high-pressured independent school.  Our students are high-achievers who are generally stressed, as they become sandwiched between parental expectations and their own fears.  As an administrator at the school I am concerned with the wellness and emotional health of our students. 

I was so happy for her and for all of our students who have had a chance to experience the beauty of the techniques and strategies that Shelly Sowell shares so easily.  Shelly Sowell has a demeanor and a peaceful presence that calms and energizes at the same time. She has a gift of connecting to children and teens in a way that is accessible to them, so they are willing to experiment with doing things like gazing at the sky, and unplugging from their digital lives for a little bit, and yes, learning to breathe.

In addition to working with our students, Shelly Sowell has done work for our parent body, faculty and staff.  I am most impressed by her work with students; it is a skilled professional that can get a room full of teenagers to close their eyes, breathe and experience themselves fully.  Our school is immeasurably appreciative of Shelly Sowell's work."


              - School Administrator, Los Angeles




“I have experienced several meditation and mindfulness classes throughout the years, but I have never come away from a class with such an overwhelming feeling of peace and tranquility which I experienced in Shelly Sowell’s class.  Her voice and demeanor lend the perfect ambiance for mindfulness.  I would highly recommend her class to anyone.”

                       -Wendy Moffat, San Pedro, CA 

Renaissance School for the Arts & Sciences




“I participated in a mindfulness group with Shelly, a truly transformative experience in many levels. It opened up energy centers in my body as I could feel energy flow through my body with her meditations and relaxation exercises. My thought processes became more clear and attuned, and my intuition increased as a learned to listen to my body and soul.  I also have had an increase in creativity and openness in new experiences and in new approaches to challenges. I would recommend her to anyone who is searching to improve their quality of life and connection to self and others. Her sensitivity, wisdom, compassion is contagious.”

                    -Sandra Coiffman, Psy.D.. Miami




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