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Teachers change the world by sharing their most precious inner resources to help others grow and develop.  The most beloved teachers are the ones who not only teach information, but inspire others to seek and use their own unique gifts.  There is an exchange between teacher and student that sparks curiosity, creativity, and connection to self and others.  When teachers are confronted with increasing demands in education, increasing psychological issues among young people and issues with the economy it can create a highly stressful environment.  How can a teacher continue to inspire greatness in others when they are not nourished themselves? 


Teacher Wellness workshops and groups help educators reduce stress, improve emotional awareness and increase responsiveness.  The overall goal is to provide a space for re-charging vitality and restoring wellness, while building skills that one can take into the classroom and create a more peaceful, dynamic and engaged environment.  Workshops and groups are open to any person working in the field of education, as every person in a school has a role in helping young people to grow and learn. 

Like the proverbial pebble dropped into a still pond, the shifts of consciousness we make in our personal lives

send out small but important waves that ripple through the whole world. 

~ Shakti Gawain

Teacher Wellness Programs

Examples of Workshops/Groups:


  • Restorative Wellness for Teachers

  • Mindfulness in the Classroom

  • Experiential and Stress-Reduction Techniques for College Counseling

  • Conscious Teaching – Attunement, Boundaries,

    & Awareness for the Classroom

  • Mindfully Preventing Burn-Out

  • Leading from Inner Wisdom for Administrators

  • Psychological Trends with Teens & How to Support Social and Emotional Needs  in Schools

Examples of Teacher Care Topics:


  • Relaxation/Stress-Reduction Techniques

  • Mindfulness Techniques

  • Boundaries and Protection

  • Self-Care plans tailored to individual needs

  • Identifying and Preventing Burn-Out

  • Exploring how to move from surviving to thriving as an educator

  • Attunement with personal needs and student needs

  • Understanding personality conflicts and how to express individual needs

  • Creating a mindful makeover for your classroom

Examples of Inner Resilience Exercises that reduce stress and enhance awareness:


  • Mindfulness training

  • Guided meditation

  • Council Practice

  • Focused discussion

  • Basic breath awareness exercises

  • Guided visualization

  • Music-based relaxation

  • Self-growth experiential exercises

  • Creating a healthy life/work vision

  • Life honoring organizational & planning skills

Format Options:


  • Individual Private Session

  • Small Group (6-10 participants): 6-8 week skills developing process group, great for creating a strong foundation for systemic change and supportive community

  • Medium Group (11-30 participants): Usually 3-6 group sessions, allows for experiential learning and skill building, but less in depth at a personal level.  Good option for creating an emerging community around mindfulness in education.

  • Workshop: One time workshop for any size group

Contact Shelly for more information or to create a group or workshop. 

P: 502-396-0879


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