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Getting the Most Out of a Workshop

Self-growth workshops are a fantastic way to regroup, realign, and rework your life. You can intentionally set aside time to do nothing but be present to your self-care. For me, workshops and retreats are essential to staying on my path and recharging. While I prefer a longer retreat experience, I don't have that luxury at this time of my life. It's a challenge to balance working in multiple cities, being a good partner and being the primary caretaker for my toddler - all things I absolutely LOVE, but with a life of high challenge comes a need for high support. My answer is to create smaller experiences near home where I can unplug from the world for a few hours and relax. If you find yourself in a similar place and choose a short workshop to satisfy this self-care need, then here are a few of my favorite ways to extend the experience and get the most out of it.

1. Block out as much of the workshop day as possible to unplug and not have plans/responsibilities

2. Create a reply on email and/or message on your phone to state that you have the day/s off and will not be returning messages during that time

3. Search area near workshop for a place in nature to relax, meditate, enjoy before or after the workshop (LA people - the LYFE September workshop is in walking distance to the ocean :) )

4. Create alone time and/or friend time before and/or after workshop to journal, discuss, laugh, process

5. Add a meal at a place you truly enjoy to your day

6. Let family and friends know that you will be taking this day for yourself and they are only to contact you for emergencies

7. Turn off your phone completely at the workshop site. Give the main business or workshop facilitator's number to your family to call in case of an emergency so that you can completely unplug

8. Find a time a few days before the workshop to reflect on the theme and what you want/need/desire in your life

9. Create some time to do something you love after the workshop (ex. schedule a massage, dinner with a loved one, take a bath, acupuncture, hike, movie, read a favorite book)

10. Plan on extra sleep, water, good nourishing food before and after the workshop


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