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Integrative Counseling

Integrative Mindfulness Training

Workshops for Schools & Businesses 

Individual Mindfulness Training

Sessions offer a customized self-care plan that includes mindfulness practices, stress-reduction skills & self-awareness work.  The goal of individual work is for the client to have a safe and supportive environment to explore what they want out of life and to release the potential barriers that keep them from living in an optimal state of wellness + wholeness.

Shelly offers custom created programs, workshops, classes and trainings for schools and community agencies.  Programs are designed to help increase wellness in the entire school community including: parents, teachers, students and administrators.  Many of the student classes use a structure of Mindfulness-Based Life Skills.


Group classes are designed around the needs of a particular community or population and offer a unique experience for healing/transformative work through the power of connection.  


​​Combining mindfulness practices, discussion, and self-reflection, Integrative Wellness Workshops are customized experiences for groups interested in reducing stress, gaining awareness, and learning techniques for more effective and meaningful living. 

Teens & Emerging Adults

Shelly specializes in creating opportunites for teens to learn social and emotional skills needed to successfully navigate an increasingly challenging culture.

The Practice at LYFE Wellness

Los Angeles

​​Community wellness workshops that teach mindful living practices.

Contact Shelly to set up an appointment or for more information:

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