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Mindful Life Practice


Sometimes we need to grow our skills in order to move from coping to thriving. 

I'm offering  mindfulness-based integrative wellness support to help you release old patterns and open to new visions that create connected, sustainable & inspired living. 

This work might be a fit if you: 

  • Feel stuck in your growth

  • Want to deepen your self-knowledge

  • Want skills for working with "Who am I really?" and "What is my purpose?"

  • Want to create a balanced life

  • Want to deepen your relationship


The following offerings are virtual sessions to teach mindfulness-based life skills.  They are drawn from my years of experience as a teacher, mindfulness facilitator, counselor and consultant and are based in a foundation of psychoeducation and wellness consultation services.  These offerings are not psychotherapy and do not replace psychotherapy.  


Individuals - Inner Resilience Sessions

Join Shelly in 6 virtual sessions to reduce your stress and get your life into alignment.  

What does it mean to feel strong in this world?  To take care of our Self? How do we cultivate the kind of resilience needed to move forward in our lives with confidence, meaning and vision?  These 6 sessions are a dive into mindfulness-based practices, neuroscience, and transformative mind-set work.  We'll explore the fundamentals of Grounding, Nourishing, Expressing & Visioning in order to help you find a conscious, relaxed state of presence.  Transformation can happen when you are ready for it. 

Whether you are on the verge of a break-through or you are feeling lost and do not know where to start – this 6 week program can help.  Shelly frequently partners with Yoga Baum and participants in this training will have an opportunity to add restorative yoga sessions to support their process.  To set up a consult call for this program, email

Couples - Mindful Partnering Program


Shelly works with couples who are ready for a change and motivated to engage in self-awareness work. In addition to her graduate work and extensive training at Vanderbilt University, she has 17 years of experience working with individuals, couples and families to build life-long mindful life practices.  She uses an integrated approach that includes Developmental Psychology, Humanistic Therapy, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Narrative Therapy, Relational-Cultural Theory, Contemplative Arts & Sciences, and Somatic Coaching approaches.  


The Mindful Partnering Program works best for couples who desire greater connection, a deeper bond and to expand the capacity to support themselves and the partnership.    This process involves 6 sessions spread out over 12 weeks.  It takes 90 days to change our neural pathways of habit.  Couples who take this path find that they start to experience a difference in the relationship after 2 weeks and that they experience a permanent shift in the relationship after the full 3 months of practice.  The couple will practice skills in between each session and there will be a reflective worksheet for the weeks in between sessions.  Short and simple mindful life practices will be integrated into each session.  Please email for more information. 



Enjoying the Sunset

"My partner and I now communicate with each other in a way that is responsive rather than reactive. We are learning to love each other more deeply and be on the Same Team." 

— Business Leader, Louisville

Sitting on a Bench

"My thought processes became more clear and attuned, and my intuition increased as a learned to listen to my body and soul.  I also have had an increase in creativity and openness in new experiences and in new approaches to challenges. I would recommend her to anyone who is searching to improve their quality of life and connection to self and others. Her sensitivity, wisdom, compassion is contagious.”

-Sandra Coiffman, Miami

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