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Mindfulness-Based Parenting Seminars & Workshops

Mindfulness-based parenting is to engage with your child on a journey to wholeness, being aware of your emotional patterns and how they impact your child’s growth and development.  Part of bringing mindful awareness into parenting is seeking out opportunities to learn more about your child’s world and how you can support them in their own journey.   These classes explore parental self-care, relational connection, child/teen development, cultural trends, and basic information on social and emotional learning, all in the context of mindful awareness.


Mindfulness-based parenting seminars and groups integrate easily into a school’s programming needs, as they provide important information that will help parents navigate 21st century issues with their kids.  Please contact Shelly to learn more or to set up classes for your school.




Class Components:

  • Education – provides framework for understanding issues based on experience and latest research

  • Mindful Awareness – experiential work to help with understanding and clearly seeing one’s inner and outer experience with their child from a calm and present moment perspective

  • Action Steps – clear steps parents can immediately implement to improve their relationships with their kids


*Parenting Seminars

90 minute to 2 hour one time presentations

Example Seminar Topics (click on underlined topics to find a sample program):


Mindfully Parenting in a Digital Age

Developmental Transitions into the Middle School Years

Adolescent & Teen Emotional Wellness and Recognizing Red Flags

Creating Balance in a Stressed-Out World

Conscious Parenting – Using Family Patterns to Help Your Child

MIndfully Parenting Tweens & Teens on Healthy Relationships

Teen Trends – Refresher Course on Drugs, Alcohol, Social issues, Technology, etc.

Raising Kids in an Affluent Culture

Impact of Media on Child/Teen Development

Body Image Issues and Red Flags

Cultivating a Peaceful Home During the Holidays

Relational Connection – Teaching Kids How to Create and Maintain Healthy Relationships

Mindfully Parenting Teens into the College Years – What are the New Boundaries?

Parent Self-Care – Restoration vs. Distraction


*Parent Groups

4-6 week small groups that go in-depth with discussion and skill-building related to the above topics

Example Groups:

Introduction to Mindfulness-Based Parenting

Parenting as a Path: Teen Years & Developmental Path into Adulthood

Helping Teens with College Process and Young Adulthood

Mindfulness, Self-Care & Stress-Reduction

Back to the Classroom – 21st Century Life Skills for Parents


*Contact Shelly at for a more detailed description of a particular class.  Classes are custom created for the unique needs of each school and parent group.



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