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​“Mindfulness is present moment awareness that assists in witnessing and experiencing life in a responsive and compassionate way. Engaging in mindfulness practices helps one to develop a state of peace in the midst of chaos, as it increases skills to observe fully one's inner and outer experience and creates clarity of the mind for enhanced perspective and effective decision making.” – Shelly Sowell, M.Ed., LPCC

Bring the habits of mindful living into your workplace.  Whether your business is a close community of 5 or a large network of 5,000 and beyond, mindfulness-based professional development can help to create an increase in aware, healthy, productive work teams.  

Custom Created Offerings: 

  • Monthly Circle Practice

  • Workshops/Trainings

  • Retreats


Example Workshop Offerings:

  • Mindful Communication: learning to listen & talk in a way that cultivates Creativity, Productivity & Vision

  • Intro to Mindfulness @ Work: How 3 minutes can save your life

  • Advanced Mindfulness @ Work: Integrating practice into daily work habits

  • Creatives @ Work: Energy Management & Intentional Structures

  • Mindful Workplace Starts with Mindful Leadership

  • Basics of Stress: How to move from reactive to responsive

  • Perfectionists, Achievers, Caregivers and Visionaries: How archetypes at work can help and hurt

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