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Individual Work - Where are you taking your path?


Individual Sessions &

Mindfulness-Based Life Skills


Shelly works with teens, adults, families, and couples who are ready for a change and motivated to engage in self-awareness work. She uses an integrated approach that includes Developmental Psychology, Humanistic Therapy, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Narrative Therapy, Relational-Cultural Theory, Contemplative Arts & Sciences, and Body-Centered Psychotherapy approaches.


Mindfulness-Based Life Skills (MBLS) sessions are custom-created to provide awareness, education and support related to the client's specific goals and needs. If a client is referred by a health or school professional, Shelly can serve as a treatment team collaborator to create a plan that best supports the overall work.  


Individuals do not need any prior experience with mindfulness or therapy.  


Individual Sessions

This work involves integrating psychotherapy, coaching and mindfulness-facilitation strategies to help move the client forward while healing the past.  Clients may choose a 50-60 minute session or a 75-90 minute session.  

Couples Sessions

Couples are invited to commit to 4 Foundations of Mindful Partnership sessions whether they are in a process of relationship uncertainty or they are enhancing their relationship.  


Examples of 6 Week Mindfulness-Based Life Skills Sessions


Inner Experience 

        Six sessions on developing internal awareness – mind, heart & body connections.  These sessions are designed to build a mindful foundation of paying attention to one’s internal experience with kindness and compassion.  Basic stress-reduction and easy to follow mindfulness practices are learned along with education regarding the individual’s needs.



Outer Experience 

         With a foundation of attention and internal awareness work, clients move on to building inner resilience skills for taking their wisdom out into the world.  In these 6 sessions clients are supported with education, goal-oriented work and mindful awareness practices as they discover ways to improve connections in relationships, maximize their personal and professional goals, and increase their effectiveness in daily living.



Custom Created 6 Week Session

        These classes offer MBLS that support a specific goal or need of the client.  These may be goals or needs that are identified by outside professionals. 


Examples of past custom classes include:

  • Mindful Parenting


  • Teen Life & Decision Making


  • Relationship Connection


  • Work-Life Balance


  • Mindful Partnership


  • Transition to College Life


  • Stress-Reduction


  • Body Image & Culture


  • Academic-Life Balance


  • Parent-Child Relationship Building


  • Boosting Creativity


  • Finding Your Calling

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