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Workshops & Retreats

Group Work - What unfolds when I sit in the presence of others?


Integrative Wellness 

Time to Reconnect and Move from Surviving to Thriving


If we don’t take care of ourselves first, it can be difficult to give to others and to be productive in our day.  We all need to recharge and take time for ourselves in order to experience meaningful and inspired living.  Integrative Wellness Groups offer a collaborative way for you to get your life on track and move from surviving to thriving.   


These experiential group experiences will help you to reduce stress, improve emotional awareness and learn to be more responsive and less reactive.  Each group addresses the whole and the individual so that you can create an individualized plan that will continue to work after the group ends. 


Create a Workshop or Retreat: Many groups are created based on request from an individual, school or business.  If you are interested, please contact Shelly to learn how to create a group for your community.


Examples of Objectives:

+Greater self-awareness and relational awareness

+Stress/Anxiety reduction and management

+Increase ability to be present to the moment and be proactive rather

  than reactive

+Healthy and productive decision making

+Increase concentration and attention

+Increase resilience and ability to cope with stress

+Increase creativity and capacity for vibrant living

+Greater ability to self-regulate emotions and create balance

+Develop strategies for more peaceful and connecting home or work life


Examples of Exercises in Workshop or Retreat:              




+Basic breathwork and light movement

+Guided Visualization

+Music & Relaxation

+Expression through Art





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