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Group Offerings

Examples of Groups:


Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation:6 week experiential group devoted to increasing self-awareness and learning a broad variety of mindfulness approaches in order to manage stress, decrease anxiety and create personal balance.


Parenting as a Path: 6 week experiential and educational group that supports parents of adolescents.  Learning to pause, attunement, self-care, and healthy action steps are part of the skills learned.  Also addresses relevant teen social and emotional topics (media, substance use, sexuality, relationships, media use, conflict resolution, going to college, etc.)


Teen Mindfulness-Based Life Skills: 6 week experiential group teaches mindfulness, stress-reduction, and life skills, while exploring topics that are relevant to today's teenager.


 Women’s Mindful Living Group: This 6 week experiential group will help participants to gain a deeper connection to self by increasing self-awareness, revitalizing creativity, and exploring several models of mindfulness in order to find a practice that best fits the needs of the individual. 


Love My Body: Women’s 6 week experiential group on creating a positive relationship with your physical and emotional body.  Greater self-confidence, compassion and cultivating radiance are key concepts for this group.  A version of this group is also offered for teenage girls.


Healing the Healer: 6 week experiential group on exploring and integrating mindfulness, body-centered, and creative therapy techniques in a therapist’s practice.  This group is open to anyone in the healing professions. 


Waking Into Work: 6 week experiential group on discovering participant's unique gifts and productivity style for creating a professional life filled with purpose and passion. 


Mindfulness Group for Girls: 6 week experiential group that teaches mindfulness and inner resilience practices that can help teens to make healthy decisions and to feel more comfortable in their own skin.

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