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Assumption High School Guidance Department  |  PARENT TRAINING


Parenting Teens as a Path 

Mindfully Parenting through the Teen and Young Adult Years



4 Part Training Series


LOCATION:          Assumption High School Media Center         

TIME:                   6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

DATES:                Wednesdays – 3/30, 4/13, 4/20, 4/27

COST:                  $100 per person for all 4 workshops*

PARTICIPANTS:   Limited to 25 Participants (Adults only)    


REGISTRATION:  Registration instructions below.  Pre-registration                                             is required. A minimum of 15 participants needed.

                            Deadline Friday, March 18th.


Parenting as a Path means to engage with your child on a journey to wholeness; being aware of your mental and emotional patterns and how they impact your ability to relax, see clearly, and respond effectively to your teen’s growth and development.


This workshop series will help parents learn stress-reduction skills and parenting strategies for the teen years through the context of mindfulness, or present-moment awareness.  Workshops are designed for parents of teenagers and will focus on the three developmental tasks that take teens into adulthood: Identity, Intimacy & Independence. 







Each 2 hour Workshop is facilitated by Beth Hicks, M.Ed., NCC, Guidance Counselor for AHS, and Shelly Sowell, M.Ed., LPCC, Integrative Wellness Counselor, and will include:

  • Mindful Parent Practices

  • Education on Teen Trends & Social Issues

  • Tools/Strategies for working with Teens

  • Discussion

March 30 | Class 1    Foundational Concepts:  How Being a Mindful Parent can                                                Change Everything and Bring Peace to the Home


April 13 | Class 2       Identity: How Parents Can Mindfully Help Teens to Navigate

                                       the Search for Self


April 20 | Class 3       Intimacy: Helping Teens Answer the Quest for Love and

                                       Pleasure in a Healthy Way


April 27 | Class 4       Independence: Helping a Teen to Become an Adult

                                       (while staying connected to you)

Shelly Sowell, M.Ed., LPCC

Integrative Wellness Counselor

Based in Louisville, KY, Shelly Sowell is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and an Education Consultant, specializing in Mindfulness-Based Life Skills for teens and adults.  She works with individuals, families, schools, & communities to create meaningful, effective and comprehensive mindfulness-based wellness programs.  She has worked as a counselor, educator, consultant and mindfulness-based life skills instructor throughout her career, which began in 2004, and has created wellness practices in Miami, Los Angeles& Louisville.   She is a Founding Partner for the Center for Integrative Learning & Teaching Nashville, a faculty member for The Global Human Project in Louisville, and the creator of Louisville Mindful Living.  For more information, please visit

Beth Hicks, M.Ed., NCC has been a guidance counselor at Assumption High School for 35 years.  She received her Masters in Educational Psychology and Counseling from the University of Kentucky in l970 and has completed a Rank 1 through the University of Louisville.  Beth began her student assistance/guidance counseling role at Assumption in l980.  Beth has served on the National Board for Student Assistance counselors and has been active in Kentucky Specialists in Group Work and Kentucky Association of Student Assistance Counselors.  She has recently completed training in mindfulness for educators through the Earth and Spirit Center, Louisville and hopes to bring that approach to her counseling, as well as to parent programs she may facilitate.  

Registration:  Registration is on a first come, first served basis.  It will be closed after the first 25 participants.  To register, please email Kim Steinke at kim.steinke@ahsrockets.  Once she confirms registration, then please mail a check for $100 made payable to Assumption High School with your name, phone, address, and email.  Workshop series is purchased as a package.  If you are unable to make all 4 sessions, then you may ask an adult family member or friend to take your place.  Often couples will take turns attending these classes.  That is completely fine - please just let Kim know your arrangement. 


Parent Training, Attn: Kim Steinke

 Assumption High School

 2170 Tyler Lane

 Louisville, KY  40205




March 30 | Class 1  Foundational Concepts:  How Being a Mindful Parent can Change Everything and Bring Peace to the Home

“You don’t understand me!”

Heard this (or felt this) before?  This workshop focuses on 4 life-changing foundational concepts needed for healthy communication and creating peace in the home.  Shelly & Beth will teach tools for parents to see their own lives clearly and separately from their kids.  Learn how to stop feeling triggered and create a PAUSE button before reacting and engaging in an unproductive cycle with your teen. 

4 Classes on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.:

April 13 | Class 2  Identity: How Parents Can Mindfully Help Teens to

Navigate the Search for Self

Who Am I? (Who do I need to be in order to be accepted and loved?)

It is healthy and natural for teens to explore different ways of being in the world in order to discover their true voice/presence. This session will explore the issues teens face in developing their identity in the 21st century, especially in light of digital culture.  It will include exercises to teach parents how to communicate with teens about their decision making and turn tense situations into wisdom opportunities. 

April 20 | Class 3  Intimacy: Helping Teens Answer the Quest for Love and Pleasure in a Healthy Way

Am I Loveable? (What do I need to do to be loved?)

Love, touch, admiration, validation, connection…these needs are essential to our human experience. This workshop will help parents to mindfully approach the topics of relationships and sexuality with their teens.  We will learn a clear structure for parents to talk with their teen on these sensitive topics.  And refocus an often avoided sex conversation to a more dynamic wisdom training in how to be happy in love and relationships. 

April 27 | Class 4  Independence: Helping a Teen to Become an Adult (while staying connected to you)

Am I Worthy? (Can I make it in this world?)

The number one fear teens share with me is the fear of disappointing their parents.  The second biggest fear? Not being able to make it in this world. This workshop will focus on the factors needed for teens to become successful adults and the areas that can block them from growing and developing. This class will include discussion on drugs & alcohol and mental wellness.   

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions/concerns! 

For Class Info: 

Shelly Sowell (502) 396-0879

Beth Hicks (502) 271-2539


For Registration:

Kim Steinke (502) 271-2539

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