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Friday |  November 6th  | 6 to 8 p.m.


The Light in Me Honors the Light in You:

Attunement as an integrative mindfulness practice


Attunement is the process of being fully present with another being; it's our ability to focus attention on the internal state of another person, while holding space for the whole of their experience. In a healthy, attuned space we are able to be present with our bodies, words, emotions, and thoughts, which allows us to deepen our relationships and to honor another person's experience (even when it's messy).  The capacity for attunement starts with self-compassion.  Please join us for an evening of cultivating this vital skill that has been mindfully developed in the field of Interpersonal Neurobiology.


This 2 hour workshop includes:

  • guided mindfulness practice

  • practical tool for psychological well-being & building awareness

  • voluntary discussion time


Facilitators: Mary Agee & Shelly Sowell

We hope you can join us.  Registration is required and it will be closed after the first 20 spaces are filled. Workshop fee is $20. To register, please go to Community Events/Calendar at  For questions or more information, please email Mary at, or Shelly at

CILT Nashville & USN | Mindful Living Series 2015

Center for Integrative Learning & Teaching Nashville

University School of Nashville

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